Sunday, July 08, 2007

Prius Pointers

Dear Prius Owner,

When you are driving along an Interstate Highway, you need to move over into the slow lane if you don't want to go faster. You may not like it. You may think you are trying to punish the driver you brand a speeder for his exuberance with the gas pedal. But it really is none of your business, is it?

I'm curious, do you Prius owners have some sort of contest or bragging rights over the mileage that you get? Because we all know that the slower you go, the more gas you conserve. And I totally respect your right to do that. But, you are not the judge and jury of the world, and so holding up a flotilla of cars because you are either too arrogant, or perhaps clueless, is not the way to win people to your side.

I know that here in the LA area, Prius owners practically put a halo on their heads whenever they drive them. You think you are a higher class of human being than all us other gasoline-wasting people, even those like myself who already drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. You think your car is too precious to desecrate with the special stickers given by the State of California that allow you to drive in the carpool lane, even when there is only one person in the car. Please. Get over yourselves. You tried to conduct some kind of protest, and everyone just sort of snickered behind your backs and wished you would quit complaining.

Hubba-hubba thinks that hybrids are con by the auto and industries. That they don't really save enough gas to warrant all the fuss. He wants us to wait for an electric vehicle, which doesn't even use gas at all.

Then who will be special, huh?


P.S. And thanks to Al Gore Jr., we all know you can rip up the road with the best of them, so quit pretending otherwise.

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