Thursday, July 12, 2007

Penny Wise...

Thanks to Hubba-hubba, we are now the not-so-proud-owners of a crappy mouse and an even crappier mousepad.

You see, sometimes Hubba-hubba goes to a discount store and gets a little carried away. Remember the picture of the Italian Dressing? It was a bit like that.

Our old mouse was getting sticky and just plain old, so we had discussed getting a new one. You can get a pretty good one for about twenty bucks. I had already scouted out the kind I wanted and was getting ready to ask my uber-Microsoft geek BIL to order us one. We also have an ancient but serviceable mousepad, which is of good quality but looking a little worse for wear.

So today Hubba-hubba had a planned shopping trajectory, which is vital to his success. If he does not go with a list, he is bound to get all sorts of weird and semi-useless things. He was going to go to Pep Boys, Costco, and possibly Kohl's.

Big Lots was not on the approved list of stores. But somehow he found himself strangely drawn to it's ugly orange signage and decided to pull in, you know, just to see what he could see. I really don't like Big Lots and try to avoid it if at all possible.

Now Hubba-hubba would never be considered a computer expert, but still took it upon himself to buy a mouse and a mousepad. The mouse was a GE, and I wasn't even aware that they make mouses (mice?). He convinced himself that because it was only four dollars, he should buy it. The mousepad was only seventy five cents, so again, he could not resist.

Can I tell you they are the two crappiest pieces of computer equipment (per se) I have ever seen? The mouse does not drag smoothly, and there is an actual delay when you click. There is also a very loud clicking sound which is going to really start bugging me soon. The mousepad is the thickness of about two quarters, and looks like it could blow away in a strong sneeze.

This is where I don't understand him sometimes. Many discussions have been held on quality vs. cheap products and how it saves money in the long run to just go ahead and get something good, even if it costs a bit more. I'm not necessarily talking top of the line, but a nice solid midrange product should do just fine.

Tell me, my friends, that I'm not alone.

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