Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Recent Brush With Fame

As most of you know, I also blog on the Orange County Metroblog. Don't even try to tell me you have never noticed that big blue square on the sidebar.

Anyhoo, Orange County and LA County are right next to each other, and I don't know anyone who lives in SoCal that doesn't attend events in both counties. I was born and raised in LA County, so I sometimes live vicariously through the Los Angeles Metroblog, although they tend to focus more on Los Angeles (the city of) than the county.

One day I am on there, and I happen to see a post about my favorite band, Oingo Boingo. It was actually more of a YouTube clip of them in their early days on, of all things, The Gong Show. Don't even try to tell me you have never heard of The Gong Show, either.

It was a very interesting clip, to say the least, and I typed what turned out to be a completely stupid and moronic comment with a sorry stab at humor thrown in. When I comment on any blog, I just sort of go for it, and didn't think twice about what I had written until I had already clicked the "publish" button.

Ain't it always like that?

Then, I noticed who the author was. It was this guy.

There are two Will's (well, one Wil and one Will) on that blog, and I hadn't noticed the lack of the second L.

So I made the dumbest comment ever on the post of this totally cool guy. I mean, not only was he Wesley Crusher and Gordie Lachance, (don't even.... oh, you know the rest) but he is an internet supahstahhh. Have you seen his Technorati rating? Even if you multiplied my rating by one hundred, it still wouldn't even equal his.

Have you ever done that? Made a complete ass of yourself in front of someone you would actually like to impress? I don't know why, but it seems worse when you do it in front of a famous person rather than the schmo who lives down the street. Even though technically, it should be the exact opposite because the schmo you will see often, while the famous person doesn't even know who you are.

But with just a couple of ill-fated taps on the keyboard, I went from "possibly funny and witty commenter" to "loser."

What's even more depressing is how easy it was.

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