Monday, July 16, 2007

Eight Reasons...

Maternal Mirth tagged me a long time ago for a meme, you know the one where you list eight things about yourself? Well, I am going to put a twist on this one and give you eight reasons why I am a complete idiot.

Here goes:

1) I am so lazy that when the nail polish on my toes chips a bit and needs redoing, I just layer another coat over the chippped one. So that by the end of summer, I have a million layers of toenail polish that takes a minimum fifteen minutes per foot to get off.

2) I have several items that need to be dropped off at the post office, and for some reason I CAN'T GET THERE.

3) Do you want to know what my current library fine is? I dare you to guess. And then guess higher.

4) Have you noticed the ad on my sidebar? Here I went and thought, hey, I could use some money, let's see what happens. My process was that even if I made five bucks a month, that was five bucks I didn't have before. My one day profit so far is one entire cent. I'm gonna have to really wait a while to have enough to pay off that library fine.

5) For some reason, I have found myself staring often at the glowing yellow gas tank on my car dashboard, because I can never seem to find the time to fill it up.

6) I win worst mother of the year because I was supposed to trace the outline of Mr. P's body onto some butcher paper for Tiny Tots and it has been two weeks and it still has not happened.

7) Today I went to the beach with my Fairy Blogmother, (who I met for the first time, wheee! She also wrote a post about it here) and I forgot to put sunscreen on and got burnt. Duh!

8) And the kicker, the one that places me in the uppermost echelons of idiocy (as if the seventh one wasn't bad enough) I forgot to check the pocket of my shorts and promptly WASHED MY CELL PHONE.

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