Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Marriage Definitely Made Somewhere Else

Have you ever been invited to a wedding where you thought, this couple just isn't gonna make it? Even though you hope they will, there is a ton of evidence pointing to the fact that they are flying in the face of the odds?

Well, for me that wedding is two weeks from now. And it is the wedding of Hubba-hubba's youngest brother.

Now, before you say, fie on you Gina, you pessimist! Or, hey you bitter old woman, how can you say such things when we all know that love conquers all?

Let me 'splain.

1) Brother has been a raging alcoholic for over ten years and when I say raging, I mean time in the slammer for multiple DUI's. He was only sober for two months when he proposed to her. And she accepted! That right there makes little warning bells go off in my head.

2) Relationships are not always smooth, I understand that better than anyone. However, homegirl actually hurled her engagement ring at him in a fight, and it rolled somewhere and they never found it. Thus, a new one was bought and apparently hasn't been thrown yet, although the wedding has been called off multiple times since it's inception.

3) Homegirl is 10 years younger than him, which puts her at only 21. He is 31. I am not against age differences, but this girl has never seen the world, has never gone to college, and both Hubba-hubba and I feel she is trying to escape something. Well, the brother hasn't seen or done anything either, unless you count his time in jail as "experiencing" life. What the heck is the rush? Yeah, yeah, I know all the men are secretly saying to themselves what a stud. Puh-leeze.

4) Neither of them has ever had to support themselves. They have lived with Mom and Dad their entire lives. And even then had trouble paying their bills.

5) Now, technically that would be ok, but they are spending all of their money on this wedding, and they don't even have a place to live (see next item)! They will be moving in with her Mom and Dad for an indefinite amount of time after the wedding.

6) They are going to start their lives off in serious debt. They both are coming into the union with their own personal debt in the thousands and then going to add the cost of the wedding onto that. They will get a little help from both sets of parents, but the bulk is coming from them.

After all that, I dare you to sit there and tell me they are a match made in heaven.

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