Monday, June 25, 2007

Home Early

Warning: If you don't like reading about semi-gory things, then discontinue reading!

I mentioned in the last few posts that I am bleeding. And as a pregnant woman, that doesn't exactly make me comfortable, if you know what I mean.

And before, the bleeding was sort of spotty and even though you looked and went, oh, ok, that's blood, it wasn't like ohmigod, BlOOD! You know of which I speak, right?

Well, over the vacation, it turned into amounts of blood that just disturbed me. I have always had low-level cramping since the beginning of this, and on days when I did too much, it got worse.

Add to the fact that my poor son threw up twice in two nights at auntie's house, and the signal to me was go home, young old young-ish yet old-ish woman.

So when we got to familiar ground, we went to the urgent care clinic, which is one step below emergency room. Because I'm really not gushing or anything, but I'm not feeling great, either.

We go in and let me tell you, nothing gets the wheels greased like a bleeding pregnant woman. The faces of everyone you are dealing with automatically become more sympathetic, and I have never been admitted into the doctor's so quickly.

First I get an intern who apologizes to me for everything she is doing, which is actually sort of sweet. She does her exam and brings in the doctor in charge, who is not an OB.

And a good thing too, because even though the proper terminology for what I am going through is called a "threatened abortion" it isn't exactly the phrase most women are looking to hear. He also threw out "D and C" and rambled on about how putting someone like myself on bedrest was just something a lot of doctors do to make the woman feel better, even though really nothing can be done and whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

Alrighty then.

Me, I can take a doctor who speaks with such brusqueness and lack of any kind of bedside manner because despite all my whining, deep down I am a tough broad. I also had done a lot of research and so knew all the terms he was throwing out. But I pity any sensitive and hormonal woman going through this and dealing with a doctor like that.

Right now I stand as the two HCG tests I took before I left doubling properly as they are supposed to. Also, my cervix is closed, and even though I have absolutely no control over that, it is also a good thing.

However, the bleeding is pretty heavy and the cramping fluctuates and still, they don't know what the deal is. No heartbeat was detected, but it is a bit early for that yet.

As I told my husband, if I am going to be all crampy and bleedy, then I want to be crampy and bleedy in my own home. Ya know?

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