Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Because It's All About Meme

I was tagged by the irrepressible Dr. Bobita to do this BlogRhet meme.

1. Go back to first or early post. How would you describe your voice back in those early days?

My first post was extremely lame. It was about me eating Mr. P's Halloween candy for him, as he was all of like, two years old and certainly wasn't going to eat all the candy he had brought home. I remember being extremely nervous, like I was flashing everyone on the Internet. I don't know why, but I thought, oooh, hundreds, if not thousands of people are going to see this post. As you can see, I have always had an inflated sense of self-importance. In the beginning, it was just me trying to crack myself up, or try to lay out ideas I thought were important.

But, my voice was similar to what it is now, trying to strike a balance between smart-ass and smart.

Who were you writing to? What was your sense of audience (if any) back then?

Uh, I think at that point, I was writing to Mel, my Fairy Blogmother. She and I had met on a message board, and I got the whole idea of blogging from her. She was kind enough to indulge me in thinking I could write something that anyone might want to read.

Then, slowly, people from her very popular blog, namely the lovely Suzanne started visiting, and being on the blogrolls of two such august personages helped me get a jumpstart with fairly little effort on my part. Which is of course, how I roll.

3. Can you point to a stage where you began to feel that your blog might be part of a conversation? Where you might be part of a larger community of interacting writers?

I think that as soon as people begin commenting on your blog, the interaction begins. Because to me, blogging is simply a conversation I am having with the readers, similar to me chatting on the telephone. You know you have struck a chord when that link to your blog is put up.

If no feedback or response is being given, then you know your conversational skills are struggling.

4. Do you think that this sense of audience or community might have affected the way you began to write?

I think as I began gaining readers, I started to write more of the things I thought they might want to hear. Of course, I still write about what I want, but I tend to skew it in a way that I think most of my readers would enjoy.

For instance, I find that people want funny. They like funny. They want to be entertained, and if you can entertain and inform at the same time, then you are doing good.

Although I have to say, that I can NEVER predict what posts are going to resound more with my readers.

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