Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Why is it that my son only has a volume range that goes from "ear-splittingly loud" to "ears-bleeding loud?"

Why do I feel guilty when I force myself to throw out the little drawings and doodles that my son makes?

Why won't Al Gore run?

Why won't Hillary just go away?

Why won't Dubya just go away, for that matter?

Why does eb keep harassing me about my opinions about modern art?

Why do little boys have a magnetic attraction to dirt, especially mud?

Why are the Yankees losing so badly?

Why does my husband not know which clothes are "good clothes" and send the boy out to play in them? In the mud.

Why do plastic ice cubes taste so wrong in a drink?

Why can't we just all drive electric cars and be done with it?

Why does the nail polish I buy never look the same on my nails as it does in the bottle?

Why, despite all evidence to the contrary, do people still think that being tan is better than being pale?

Why do people still care about Britney and Lindsay?

Why is the only card or letter Hubba-hubba's niece has sent us in the past seven years her graduation announcement?

Why can't hairy legs on women be fashionable?

Why do short women wear ridiculously high-heeled shoes in the attempt to make everyone think they are not short?

Why don't more people realize that the Bible is an oral history and every word of it is not to be taken literally?

Why does a long, hot shower feel so much better than a short, cold one?

Why does anyone like to camp?

Why do so many people think they can make money gambling?

Why do the off-brand tissues hurt my nose?

Why can't people just figure it out?

Why can't I stop writing questions?

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