Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's On Like Donkey Kong

Now that my head cold has sort of migrated south, I can at least think straight. Have you ever walked around thinking that you are on one of those moving sidewalks? You know that you're moving, but it seems like it isn't under your own power? Well, that was me for the past three days. By some miracle I managed to drop Mr. P off to school, and on the way home, I wondered if he had actually walked into class or if I had just imagined it. That's how bad I was.

Anyhoo, time for the big announcement. Thanks to my wonderful doctor, my TSH levels are now perfect. And after much discussion, we are going to try for a sibling for Mr. Personality. Although I did force his hand on an "end clause" meaning that we would try for six months, and then if it doesn't happen by then, it isn't gonna.

In the course of those conversations, I mentioned to Hubba-hubba that since Mr. P was conceived whilst I was on the Pill, I had no clue as to how to actually plan for a pregnancy. Oh, of course I know all about the key time to try and all that, but how to know that the time was imminent?

Much to my surprise, they now have these little sticks to pee on to tell you the optimal time. Have these always been around or am I just completely clueless? And then I thought, hey, am I really supposed to like, raise the lower half of my body after, you know, or is that just a myth?

Hmmmm, why do I feel stressed out already?

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