Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Riddle Me This

I volunteered to have my lovely and talented bloggy friend Liz ask me some questions, and I am happy to answer them.

1) Do you have any allergies?

You know, my entire life I have been told that I am allergic to penicillin, but I read not too long ago that there are a bunch of people walking around that think they are allergic to penicillin, but really aren't. I bet you I am one of those. But, I don't think I'll be volunteering to find out any time soon.

2) If you could afford one decadent luxury that would improve your daily life, what would it be?

To me, a decadent luxury would be a housekeeper. I am actually salivating at the thought of having someone else scrub the floors and fold the laundry. And listen, I wouldn't be one of those people like my sister that "cleans up" before she gets there. I'm paying good money, so she gets to do it all!

3) When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I distinctly remember wanting to be a model, actress, and singer, in exactly that order. So much for the women's movement in the seventies, eh?

4) I know you like baseball. Are there any other sports that you like?

I like all kinds of sports. I like playing sports and I like watching them. I would say the only sport that I truly cannot get into is football. Hubba-hubba used to play football, he has explained all of it to me, and I just don't like it. Give me anything besides football.

5) What is your favorite vegetable?

Listen, I grew up hating vegetables. I can't say that I have progressed all that far as an adult. I wish I liked more vegetables, because I know that they are so good for me. But I just can't choke broccoli down, despite the health benefits.

Ooops, ok, let me answer the question. If I were to go for the vegetable that I will eat every time it is placed in front of me, it would be carrots. I would eat them in them in a box, I would eat them with a fox.

Anybody else want to play?

Also, you can find me guest-blogging today about my hatred of all things "natural" over at ...and the pursuit of happiness.

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