Wednesday, April 25, 2007

True Me

The gorgeous Beenzzz had a post that attempted to describe herself in words. She did a really wonderful job, and that prompted me to think about how I would do the same.

I am borderline OCD, yet can be lazier than anyone you've ever met. I watch too much TV and spend much too much time on the internets. I have a lipstick fetish. I enjoy sports, although I haven't played any lately. I dislike clutter, it makes me uncomfortable. I contradict myself all the time, unfortunately. I am a horrible debater. I enjoy nail polish, but only on my toenails. I have a semi-photographic memory, even though Hubba-hubba declares there is no such thing. Music helps me feel good. I sing at the drop of a hat, although not all that well. I enunciate extremely well. I have a hard time showing any kind of "poker face" and usually people can see right through me.

I like to think that I put people at ease. I can talk to almost anyone. I am a good listener, and have learned the hard way to only offer advice when asked. I am straightforward. I am a loyal friend, but watch out, if you burn me too many times, I will wash my hands of you. I would never describe myself as a person with the "disease to please." I'm an impatient person with nowhere in particular to go. I enjoy laughing, and making other people laugh. I have difficulty truly forgiving people. I find myself often in the role of leader, although not always by choice. I have an outstanding work ethic, when I show up to work. I always want things to be perfect, and am often disappointed. I am a person that can be counted on to be dependable. I usually think my way is the best. Ok, I always think my way is the best.

How about you?

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