Monday, April 23, 2007

Thinked, Thought, Thunk

Back in March, Suzanne at Mimilou nominated me as a "Thinking Blogger." And apparently not exercising the said attribute, I didn't copy the little logo thingy and I didn't write about it because Suzanne had chosen not to include all the rules and what I will term "tag-backs."

I also didn't write about it because I actually thought it was kind of funny that someone would proclaim me as some sort of deep-thinking blogger. I was flattered, and just thought Suzanne was being her normal sweetheart of a self to mention me.

Then, lo and behold, I was tagged over this weekend by no less than Sonia and Awesome Mom.

Ladies, I thank you.

I usually try to keep my posts lighthearted and witty and whatnot, but sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and feel the need to address an issue. When I do, I am not necessarily unpartisan or objective. But, I try to coherently lay my case, and at least let someone who doesn't think the same way get some insight as to why I do.

And I want to let you know that I am not going to tag anyone in particular for this, because I think that all of my blogging buddies are intelligent, thoughtful writers who all have something important to say. Or else I wouldn't be reading you, right?

I know, I know. You love me because I'm a rebel like that.

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