Monday, April 09, 2007

The Force Was With Him

Disneyland has a fairly new show based on Star Wars. It relies on audience participation, and they choose children out of the audience to fight Darth Vader up on stage.

Hubba-hubba had been trying to convince Mr. P to volunteer, but as he has never seen any Star Wars movie, he had absolutely zero interest in fighting some gravel-voiced man in a black costume. Can't say as I blame him.

So, just for fun, Hubba-hubba has been "practicing" with fake light sabers and cheesy dialogue. Darth invites the young Jedi to join the Dark Side, to which he responds, "Never!"

Fast forward to Easter Sunday, where a little boy who has a penchant for mischief was over for the egg hunt. This little boy likes to cause trouble, and Mr. P actually doesn't like playing with him all that much. But, he was invited, so they wound up playing together.

Trouble had indeed ensued, from chalk being dumped into my sister's fish pond to balls purposely being thrown over the wall into the neighbor's yard. Mr. P does not normally misbehave, especially at his aunt's house, and even though I couldn't prove it, I had a feeling that the other little boy was the main instigator.

At one point I was putting my hair up in my sister's bedroom, which is adjacent to the playroom that she has set up in one of her spare bedrooms. The boys ran in from outside, oblivious to the fact that I am standing about four feet away.

Suddenly, I hear the other boy whisper to Mr. P "Go and wake up the cat!" Mr. P replied, "No!" He tried to persuade Mr. P again, and I held my breath, waiting for his reply.

It was a furiously whispered, "Never!"

Resist the Dark Side my young padawan, resist the Dark Side!

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