Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Darn That Kid

I used to say it all the time to Hubba-hubba. Whenever he would do something that in my opinion was past being fixable, I would throw my hands up and exclaim, "It's too late now!"

I suppose I say it with a certain inflection of exasperation, if I am to be honest.

Did he forget to bring in the restaurant leftovers from the car?

"It's too late now!"

Did he put my brand new cast-iron skillet in the dishwasher?

"It's too late now!"

Fail to apply stain remover to the chocolate on Mr. P's shirt, thus setting it forever?

"It's too late now!"

I also suppose I hadn't realized the ubiquitousness of the phrase. It was just such a handy one, one that fit many situations with just the right amount of drama and flair.

But when I forgot that I had forbidden Mr. P to have dessert for a transgression earlier in the day, yet provided him with a treat, I was subjected to a triumphant "It's too late now!"

Maybe it's time to send that phrase into retirement.

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