Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cell Phone, We Hardly Knew Ye

Up until about two weeks ago, we didn't have a cellphone. Mainly because we didn't really need it. Hubba-hubba was always reachable at work since they provided him with a cellphone, and me, well, I don't really go all that many places so it seemed a bit useless.

But, remember when we thought we were going to put our house up for sale? We thought, we will need a cell in order for our realtor to keep in touch about all the multiple offers we were expecting (har), and then we also thought that it would suck the big one to share the use of my parent's phone line while we were staying there.

So a new, expensive cell was purchased.

It was black and sleek and had all kinds of buttons that I needed my 13 year old cousin to help me figure out. It took pretty good pictures, and I had at least figured out how to set Mr. P as my wallpaper.

Notice I keep talking about it in the past tense?

That is because in the space of less than twenty minutes, it was gone.

Lemme explain.

I was meeting people at a bridal store to help my cousin look for a prom dress. They came here from Arizona to purchase a dress, but that it definitely another post altogether. Anyhoo, I know I had the phone because I called my sister from the parking lot to tell her which street to turn onto to get to the store. I then put the phone into the front pocket of my capris.

They arrived, we went in. I walked down all of two very short aisles of dresses hanging from racks and it took all of ten minutes or so.

Got back into the car, drove to the mall literally across the street.

Got out of the car, took two steps and realized the cell was no longer in pocket.


Drove back to said bridal salon, expecting to be practically handed the phone as I walked in. The employees professed ignorance as to any phone being left on the premises. My mother and I began ripping apart the car. Nothing. I went back into the store, and asked it I could look for the phone.

So there I was, attempting to shove probably hundreds of formal dresses in those plastic bag things out of my way. I think I have a couple of bruises on my face from getting whacked a few times. Then, getting more and more desperate as the minutes ticked by, I was literally on my hands and knees, trying to listen for the ringtone as I knew my sister was calling the number from her phone.


So, it took about twenty minutes to lose a three hundred dollar phone.

Who says I'm not efficient?

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