Monday, March 12, 2007

Tuesday Veejay

Ahhh, nothing like being lazy and posting a video from YouTube, now is there?

This one is a special shout-out to Sonia, who is a big 80's fan like myself, and today just so happens to be her birthday! We have discussed our rather inappropriate passion for 80's music, and it came out that she really likes The Fixx.

Aside from the odd spelling, The Fixx didn't do a whole lot to distinguish themselves against all the super-popular bands. My personal theory is that they just didn't have any cute members. I could be wrong. While the lead singer has a certain appeal, he just can't be compared to someone like Simon Le Bon.

I also happen to really like The Fixx, they had maybe one song I didn't care for too much. I proudly own the original album "Reach the Beach."

Even though Google took off a lot of the good videos they had on YouTube, a couple remain, such as "Stand or Fall."

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