Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My One Weakness

Hubba-hubba assumes that I don't like taking Mr. Personality shopping because I prefer to spend my time in the aisles alone, contemplating my purchases without the distracting presence of a somewhat hyper four year old.

You see, whenever I could, I would go shopping without Mr. P, leaving him with Hubba-hubba, or Hubba-hubba would offer to take him shopping whenever he went.

I have never really told him the real reason, and as it looks like Mr. P is going to be my shadow from now on, Hubba-hubba will probably be discovering the truth as soon as the next credit card bill comes in the mail.

I consider myself to be a strict parent. Certain behaviors are simply not tolerated, whether at home or out. When I discipline, I always follow through, and he always knows that I mean what I say. By golly, if I say that he will get his Lightning McQueen toy taken away if he doesn't go put X away, then Lightning McQueen fails to see the light of day for a while.

But, all children are on a constant quest to find even the tiniest chink in their parent's armor, and Mr. P has found mine.

I seem to have an extremely difficult time taking him shopping and not buying him something in the process.

It is always an item that is inherently cheap or on sale, but more often than not, if he asks for something, I will relent. He doesn't whine, he simply says "Please" in a way that my motherly DNA is powerless to resist. My son happens to possess one of the cutest voices on the planet. I know this is not my own personal bias because people have actually stopped what they were doing, listened to him, and commented to me on how adorable his voice is. Hmmmm, maybe I need to think about getting him some voice-over work. Mommy could use some extra cash, for sure.

Perhaps the bigger credit card bill will keep Hubba-hubba from pestering me to take Mr. P with me all the time.

Yeah, he's a total cheapskate. It'll work.

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