Friday, February 23, 2007

Telling Time

We have eight various devices around our house that tell time. Some of them, like the one on the microwave and the one on the stove, are mere feet from each other.

And yet, if I were to look at each one of the time-telling devices, not one of them would tell me the same time. For instance, the clock on the stove is telling me it's 9:19, but if I look at the DVD clock, it says 9:15.Why, at my house last year, we celebrated New Year's on seven different occasions in the same night! We took a little breather, and off we went again. And at this rate, I will get to turn 36 no less than eight times in the course of the day! I'm a gal who likes a good party, but even that is a bit too much for me to handle.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, I will deliberately choose the clock which I want to go by, knowing if it is "faster" or "slower" than the real time. If I am enjoying my alone time when Mr. P is at school and Hubba-hubba is at work, I will ignore all clocks but the one in my bedroom, which is five minutes slow. If I am itching to get somewhere, I will use the one on the DVD player, which is about 4 minutes fast.

But what does that say about me that I allow all my clocks to say different things?

And even more perplexing, how is it that I am still never late to anything, despite the variances? I'm apparently anal enough not to be late, yet not quite anal enough to be bothered to synchronize the clocks.

Sounds like a classic case of the lazy woman's OCD.

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