Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Veejay

My husband pointed out, with more than a little exasperation, "My God woman, they can see the video for themselves! They have eyes! Stop typing every thing you think is funny!" I decided that since I am technologically challenged and am unable to to a voice-over (which would really be something) I will just leave the video and song to speak for themselves. Sorry, Hope!

Anybody who attended elementary or middle school in the eighties may remember the "nuclear bomb drills" that we did at school. Well, at least we did them in the school I attended. There would be this most awful-sounding alarm, and then we were required to, if I remember correctly, go underneath our desks. Fat lot of good that would have done in case of a real nuclear attack, but we as kids were rather ignorant of the facts. All we knew was that the adults in our world were afraid of the "Cold War." We also didn't know exactly what that was, either, but it sounded really bad.

This single from the British band Ultravox was released in 1984, at the height of the tensions between Russia and the United States. I have always loved this song, but until I saw the video, I never really knew what the lyrics were about. I watched this video the other day, and I actually started to cry. I made Hubba-hubba watch it too, just to make sure it wasn't just me that found it fairly moving. The video doesn't deal with a nuclear attack, but rather the possession of nuclear weapons/technology and the fear that the public was in danger from them. "No Nukes" was a rallying cry, although as far as nuclear weapons development, it wasn't a particularly effective slogan. The video may be a bit alarmist, but it definitely does bring back the fears of that era. And to think, this video was produced two years before Chernobyl. So perhaps it wasn't that alarmist after all.

So, in honor of the end of my self-titled Gloom and Doom weekend, I bring you "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes."

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