Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Night Feverish Dusting

So, my house is not too far from being Mother-in-law clean.

That is a special kind of clean, isn't it?

It isn't "everyday clean" which is a sort of misnomer.

It doesn't fall under "friend" clean, which is wiping down the counters and the bathroom, probably a vacuum.

It certainly isn't "family" clean, which is whatever I get to before they get here. Could be bathrooms, could be dusting, could be nothing.

No no, Mother-in-law clean is sparkly. It is not having any clutter of any kind. It is getting on your hands and knees and cleaning the spilled yogurt off the carpet. It is cleaning the walls and doors. It is pulling out goodness knows what that is/was from under the bed.

Mother-in-law clean is a pain in the ass.

*Oh, and to add to my pain, Blogger decided today to switch me to the new one. Foo on you, Blogger!

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