Friday, February 02, 2007

Meme Baby, One More Time

Well, I must give off some kind of vibe. Apparently a weird one, because I have been tagged, twice, once by the beautiful Pendullum and by the incredible Megs to do a weird things meme. Ok, well, two weird things memes, if you will. Oddly enough, Pendullum's was six things and Meg's was five, so I'll go for a total of eleven. Then, Robyn had something where she said things about herself, one of which was not true, and her readers had to try to pick the untruth. She named me as someone who has not done that particular meme.

Are you ready for a challenge, my friends?

Why, that sounded rather dramatic, didn't it?

Try to pick the one weird thing about me that isn't actually true. This should be interesting. And here you thought your weekend was going to be boring.

1) I hate black tennis shoes. On anybody, not just me.

2) I rinse of every single can of Diet Coke that I drink with water, then rub the top with a piece of paper towel. You know, the germs and stuff. Right?

3) But, I seem to have some sort of mental blockage about throwing the piece of paper towel away, because I always just leave it on the counter. Which drives Hubba-hubba crazy.

4) I am a fanatic about my eyebrows. They have a very good natural shape, and I am constantly plucking them so that they are always at their maximum beauty. I actually get complimented on my eyebrows all the time.

5) I have never had a manicure or a pedicure.

6) The top of my refrigerator must be clear of things at all times, or I am crabby.

7) When I clean the toilets around here, I can be heard to exclaim loudly in disgust about the dubious er, control, of the other inhabitants of the house, even though I know exactly what I am in for every time.

8) I simply cannot walk on my treadmill without my iPod shuffle. It's a disease. I try to pick songs where I can match my gait to the beat.

9) I heartily dislike, and usually refuse to see movies that do not have happy endings, or at least semi-happy ones where nobody dies or something equal. Life is hard enough without having to pay good money to expose myself to that.

10) I could care less if my bras match my underwear, but it bugs me if my toenail and fingernail polish do not match.

11) I am a bit fanatic about washing hands and/or rubbing them with a wipe or whatever if soap and water are not available. But guess what, we rarely get sick! Knock on wood, I know I just cursed myself as I typed that.

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