Friday, January 05, 2007

Yer Out!

Today I knew how a major league baseball umpire feels when facing an irate manager after a questionable call.

Well, if that manager was approximately 43 inches tall, that is.

When faced with the directive to go to the bathroom at home instead of holding it until we got to the library, I was screeched and snarled at. Just like an umpire. I would have to say that Mr. Personality probably has an edge on any manger as far as the dramatics go. I doubt any manager could top the tears and window-shattering quality of his objections.

Then, I was kicked in the shin.

If I hadn't been so furious that Mr. Personality had just kicked me, I probably would have started laughing. If there had been a videotape of it, I'm sure it would have been laughed at by millions of people.

And, like all good umpires, I promptly ejected the manager onto the naughty rug, with a possible two-game suspension.

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