Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's All in The Vault*

I was over at Sonia's blog, and she had written out a highly impressive list of things she would like to accomplish this year. It was beautifully detailed, even elouquent, if it is possible for lists to posess that quality. But I have to admit, it gave me hives.

I don't know why, but lists are so not my thing. I don't know if I consider them a sign of weakness that I have to write things out in order to remember them, or what. I have a pretty good memory, and I usually rely on it for everything. The only times I make a list is for packing when taking a long trip or the occasional grocery list. Even the grocery list is not utilized on every trip.

I had a friend in high school, Kristina, who was totally obsessed with making lists. Every day she would make a long list of things to do. Beside each task was a huge box, which she would mark with a bold flourish when accomplished. While the lists weren't as detailed so as to include "brush teeth," they were pretty close. When driving around town pursuing things on her list, she would perch it precariously by the gear shifter, so that she could at all times see the list. If she didn't have a page full of checkmarks at the end of the day, she was disappointed in herself.

Maybe that's where I picked up my dislike of lists, although I am sure Kristina is on the rather obsessive end of the list-maker spectrum.

Or is she?

*C'mon, you know what tv show that is from, right?

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