Friday, December 08, 2006

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Ok, now how original is the title of this post? I know, no one has ever thought of that title before.

We decorated our tree on Tuesday, and I thought I would be a bit lazy tonight and do a photo essay on some of my favorite ornaments.

My parent's next door neighbor passed away a few years ago, and left his entire estate to my parents. I, being the youngest member of the family and therefore owning the least amount of ornaments, was allowed to take home some of his ornaments, which I cherish more than if I had bought them myself. All except for a very few are glass. I look at my beautiful tree, and hope that somewhere up there, our neighbor is happy with where his beloved ornaments (which he and his mother both collected for years) are hanging.

Here are the ones I especially like. They date back as far as the 40's and 50's.

I like the three-dimensional feel of the white paint on this one.

I just love the shape of this one, and the irridescence of the glitter that is under a very thick veneer of laquer.

Can you tell at all that this one is encrusted with hundreds, maybe thousands of little glass beads? It is quite big, and it really does sort of glow like that. A few beads are missing, which makes me a little sad.

The blue of this is just lovely, and it is also irridescent. That is actually three-dimensional braiding around the center.

Is it wrong to call an ornament sensual? This is just so curvy and lovely, it is actually made out of solid wood, and I don't know what kind of paint they used, but it is beautiful.

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