Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stone Cold

The other day, I was over at Dot's blog, and she had a picture of a rather wrinkly and aged looking Sharon Stone.

Sharon Stone did not look good.

I made a comment to the effect that even though she did not look like anyone's version of the hot chick she used to be, perhaps we as "regular women" should be applauding her in the fact that she obviously has not been under the knife. Or if she has been, it was so long ago that it has made no difference. And I hope that Dot knows that I love her, and that this post is not in any way meant to disparage her, but rather just my reaction to a larger issue.

It seems that when a celebrity has the audacity to age naturally, people don't like it. For some reason we expect, no we demand that our stars look fifteen years younger than their actual age, and for those that try not to succumb to the "fountain of youth" via plastic surgeon, we are all over their asses. If an older woman actually looks her age, we cluck at their saggy eyelids, quickly forgetting that, um, there's a good chance we are going to look like that as well. Does anyone remember the outcry that happened when Jamie Lee Curtis had a magazine show her unretouched photo? She had sags, wrinkles, cellulite, everything that we have! And yet, people were shocked. Why? That is what happens when we age.

I admit, I enjoy bagging on celebrities, simply because they are so ripe with opportunities. I have snarked with the best of them upon seeing an aging actress not looking fresh and dewy-faced. The culture of youth that we have in this country is very interesting, especially when you consider the fact that within the next twenty years, one out of every three people in the US will be a senior citizen. I blame the baby-boomers for all of this getting out of control. But that, my friends, is a post for another time.

I'm wondering if the expectation of perfection is wrong of me. Well, really, why should I wonder at all? That type of schadenfraude is becoming more and more common, and it seems that people cannot get enough of stars looking bad, or having a horrible dress, or horor of horrors, flashing her vulva at the world as she is getting into a car. Ok, well that one, I have to say she was just asking for it. But hell, how many stars do you think go out in public dearly wishing that they end up on "Go Fug Yourself?"

Do we whisper about them because they make so much money we expect them to look fabulous every single second they are on public display? Is it because we are a little jealous of the lifestyle they lead and think that if we had that, there is no way we would be caught dead looking like that? We say, my God woman, do you not have access to the world's most expensive facial creams?

I say we should rejoice in the deep valleys and crevices that make up the face of Sharon Stone. Those are honest, in an industry where illusion and deception are the name of the game.

P.S. If I have not commented on your blogs lately, it is because Blogger will NOT LET ME! I have tried every way around it that I could think of, and no go. But I promise, I am there.

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