Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Either Way, I'll Take It

I don't know what it is about makeup that turns me into a little girl again, circa 1979, when I would go into my grandmother's bathroom and try on her Avon products. I don't know exactly how I could sneak the fact that I applied blue and green eyeshadow, as well as rose-colored lipstick to my face, but she never said a thing. I would put it on and immediately scrub it off, even though she never expressly forbade me to use her cosmetics. And hey, they were right there in the medicine cabinet, so what was an aspiring actress/model to do? I don't know many eight year olds that are capable of such self restraint. I certainly wasn't one of them.

My parents were strict, but for some reason, they allowed me to wear makeup at a fairly early age. Perhaps I was very insistent, but I remember applying cotton-candy pink lipstick in eigth grade. It may very well have been for a "special" occasion, but still. I'm not sure that if I had a daughter, I would let her wear makeup out of the house at that age.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind lurks a large disembodied head with a mane of hair, on which I was able to apply large amounts of very fake-looking cosmetics. For me, the hair was secondary to the products, I think I may have just put it up in barettes and off her face in order to easily put it all on. I can't say if it was a Barbie product, or something else entirely. I could very well just be making the whole thing up, I'm not sure.

But that must have the budding foundation for my makeup fetish. My mother certainly did not wear a lot of makeup, nor did my aunt or my maternal grandmother. And although my paternal grandmother certainly indulged in those Avon products, she didn't go around wearing a fully made-up face all the time. To this day, my sister eschews makeup with an almost religious fanatacism. The last, and perhaps first, time she wore foundation, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick was at her wedding. She still has the full tube of lipstick from that day. Eight years ago.

I used to never exit the house without all of my makeup on, but as I have gotten older, I have tended to use less and less. Which is odd, because when I was younger, I probably needed it less than I do now. But I am still a kid in a candy store when searching for cosmetics, there is just something about them that excites me.

So, much to my delight, for Christmas I was given two different gift certificates to Sephora, equaling a hundred bucks! I am practically salivating at the thought.

Either my family is familiar with my obsession with expensive makeup products, or they think I am in need of some serious "assistance."

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