Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Death by Scrubbing Bubbles

We were getting ready for bed, and this exchange occured not so long ago.

Hubba-hubba: Is there a reason you keep leaving the bathroom cleaners on the counter?

Me: Well, no. Sometimes I am in the middle of cleaning and then I have to go pick up Mr. P, and I just forget to put them away.

Hubba-hubba: Well, that's good because I keep having this strange feeling that you keep them there so that you can spray my toothbrush with cleaner. You know, so as to slowly poison me to death or something. I can picture you doing it, just a little each time so as not to arouse suspicion.

Me: Don't flatter yourself, your insurance policy isn't that big.


Me: But it really is a bad idea to put those kinds of things in my head, don't you think?

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