Friday, December 22, 2006


I have the most wonderful news.

My good bloggy friend Karla at Untangling Knots has just given birth to a baby boy!

Now, not only is the birth of any baby a special and joyous occasion, this one I think is a teensy bit more than most.

You see, over a year ago Karla was blessed with a daughter, only to have to lose her within seven hours of Ava's birth. The post that announced the news of Ava's death was one of the saddest things I had ever read, which is on this* blog. Both Karla and Mark were so strong and so brave. I don't think I could have ever gone through something like that with as much grace and beauty as those two did.

She tried again to get pregnant, yet lost the baby early on.

But yet, here is their baby boy Nathan gracing the world, and I could not be any happier for them. They truly deserve all the happiness in the world, and this Christmas has been made extra special for me now that I know that Karla will be holding her son on Christmas morning. Please go over there and congratulate them, and I highly encourage you to view the video tribute Karla made to Ava, just be sure to have some hankies ready. Karla is a beautiful, insightful writer and one of my favorite bloggy people in the world.

*Ok, the link is fixed.

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