Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kidnapped! Or Worse!

Dear Gremlin/Entity/Dimension that is stealing my little spoons,

Would you quit already?

When we moved in here five years ago, we were given as a wedding gift a perfectly lovely set of flatware. If memory serves me correctly, we had eight of each: big spoon, litle spoon, big fork, little fork, and knives.

They were a happy family, nestled contently in their cozy organizer. Sure, the pasta grabber would get obnoxious once in a while, but they were happy just where they were. For years, they stuck together.

That is, until you came along.

It was a gradual process, this losing of the spoons. You were so sneaky that I didn't notice at first, since I don't even use the little spoons very often. But then, Mr. Personality grew out of his need for baby spoons, and the little spoons were the logical next choice. It started off fine, but we went down somehow to six. Then I "forgot" to give one back my sister, and then we were back at seven. We went down to five at one point, and now we only have four.

Where have you taken my spoons, and more importantly, why? It isn't like they hold all that much, and if I was you and possibly using them to dig an escape tunnel to somewhere, I would recommend the big spoons as being much more efficient.

There are truly a finite number of places where little spoons can be, and trust me, I have looked in all of them. Ok, I admit to not looking under my mattress, but I think most people would give me a pass on that one.

The forks have gone nowhere, so don't even try and blame them.

Please return them to the flatware drawer, no questions asked. And please do it quickly, because the plastic ones we have resorted to stealing borrowing from Baja Fresh just aren't cutting it.

Thank you,

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