Friday, November 24, 2006

Dude, You Have So Come to the Wrong Place

I don't religiously review my site stats the way I used to, although I would say I probably check them daily for referring sites so that I can see who has been kind enough to link to me. Yes, yes, I know about Technorati, but they can be maddeningly slow to pick up links.

There are some obviously funny search terms that find me, such as "tequila stomach" and once, "boy won't pee in potty." Usually I never see them again, I get a hearty laugh, and I move on.

But lately, some disturbing searches have wound up with my blog at or near the top of the results, and while I find it sort of amusing that they click and find me, it also disturbs me on some level.

Take for instance "nice pickture boy" from some person in Belgium. I'm sorry, but my mind instantly jumps to pervert looking to ogle some flesh. I could be wrong. But, when I see stuff like that, it makes me give a sigh of relief that I don't post pictures of myself or my family on here. Or, on the very few occasions that I have, I put them up for a day or two and then they are gone.

Then, "peeing dripping" was another, and again my suspicious maternal mind jumps to something deviant, although another part of me would like to know what the heck they were truly searching for. Call me paranoid, it's ok, I don't mind.

Then the search that has come up at least four or five times this week is "tasty Gina" and "tasty Gina video." The first time, I let it go. The third and fourth I wondered what was going on. So I finally went to the Google page, and I found a site with a Gina who purports to be "tasty" showing her wares for the internets to see. Of course, she teases on the front page, and if you are willing to pony up some dollars, you will supposedly be able to see a more of this Czech temptress, even though there's not really a whole lot left to the imagination.

I can just picture these guys, or girls, to be fair, clicking on the link to my blog, and finding lots of big words strung together in (gasp!) paragraphs, not to mention pictures of Disneyland and grasshoppers. Although if they have a Catholic schoolgirl fetish, they might be pleased with my profile photo. Trust me, you never know.

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