Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cheesy Post Alert!

All right, I'm halfway through this thing and except for my Pointless Points Trivia (which I could totally milk, but have resisted) I have yet to give you a fairly wordless post.

Well, that's over.

But since we went to Disneyland today and they have already decked it out with Christmas cheer, how could I resist sharing it with you, my friends?

This is the famous Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the very first Disney castle ever built:

And this is it lit up at night:

This is the clock tower portion of "It's A Small World" decorated for Christmas:

This is a sideways shot of "It's A Small World," pretty even if a bit blurry:

This is one of many wreaths which adorn light poles throughout the park:

Another wreath:

Now doesn't that get you in the mood for some early shopping? Please don't hate me because it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!

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