Friday, October 06, 2006

The Joke Is Really On Me

Y'all think I'm just joking when I say how lazy I am.

Sad to say, it isn't all that much of a joke, it's pretty close to the truth.

Case in point:

We have some leather storage cubes from Pottery Barn that when they were purchased, were very expensive. They are probably now worth all of twenty dollars, but I have always viewed them as nice things. They can be used as end tables, or put together to serve as a coffee table, very versatile. Right now, they are being used as end tables.

This afternoon, with leather wipes in hand, I bent down to clean them. Lo and behold, it seemed that a certain four year old someone had been stealthily putting stickers all over the side of the cube. At first glance, I counted about ten. I plead ignorance to the stickers because they are dark and the cube is dark and I don't usually sit around peering closely at my end tables, ok?

I was mad. He was at school, so no yelling could be done at that time.

So with a sigh of resignation, I sat down on the floor and began unpeeling the stickers. Well, one sticker to be exact, since it took about five tries to get the entire thing off.

Then I thought, well, no one will know about the stickers if I just turn this ol' cube around. And with not an ounce of guilt, I did exactly that.

And you wonder why I have a hard time folding the laundry?

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