Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All Quiet On the Blog Front

The blogosphere has been quiet lately.

With the Foley debacle, the inextricable mire that is Iraq, the November elections, some horrible acts of violence, and the fact that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton always look horrible, there is plenty of action on the "mainstream" blogs. But in my bloggy world, it seems there is a bit of a lull.

I don't know if people are just settling in to the routine of school and/or cooler weather.

I don't know if the big holidays are coming, and people are hunkering down in their dens, getting ready.

I don't know if perhaps people are overloaded from all the effort that blogging takes. When you first begin, you think you are in a vacuum of sorts, that all you have to to is type your big (well in my case, rather small) thoughts and the rest will take care of itself. But then, people come and visit. And say hello. And they are so nice that you go and visit them and say hello right back. Before you know it, you have lots and lots of people who you feel it is important that you say hello to on a regular basis. And then, mercy, how did that hour just fly by as Mr. P was watching Clifford and Curious George?

Sometimes I wonder if I am suffering from blog fatigue. Not that I am thinking of hanging up my hat anytime soon. I know, I know, you had a moment of panic just then, I understand perfectly. Just sometimes, I feel as if blogging is something I am forcing myself to do rather than something that comes wilingly. Like I am putting up content just for the pure sake of hearing myself speak, so to speak.

Deep down, however, I know that I would probably go a little nuts if I was to just up and leave. Not only have I "met" some truly wonderful people that I would sorely miss, I realize that writing is a great outlet for me, even if my posts consist of subjects such as this.

So, I will appreciate the lull. I will embrace the lull. I think I just like typing the word lull. Say it with me, it sounds so nice, doesn't it?

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