Friday, September 15, 2006

Time's A-Wastin'

Doesn't two and a half hours sound like an awful lot of time?

I mean, in that time you could take a luxurious bath, or perhaps curl up on the couch and read a hundred or so pages of that great book! There are movies to watch, body masques to apply, hair to deep condition!

I have discovered, to my great dismay, that two and a half hours ain't squat.

Maybe I am too new to this thing called "free time" to know how to effectively plan for it. The second I am in the car, I am mentally going through a checklist of how long things might take if I chose to do them, and trying to prioritize them in order of greatest need.

So far, I have spent most of my time sans Mr. Personality cleaning various things around the house.

I thought I was going to leisurely peruse the aisles at Target, glancing at my watch and astonished at how much time I still had until I needed to pick him up. I thought I would be perhaps able to meet a girlfriend for lunch, and pretend for a bit that I had no child and was back to those carefree single days. Or even, fantasy of fantasies, sit down and write a meaningful, debate-provoking blog post that would leave people a little richer for the experience.

Today found me changing out of my "good" clothes to fold laundry, scrub sinks, floors, and toilets, while simultaneously exclaiming in loud disgust at men's inability to hit the inside of the damn toilet. Then, throwing the "good" clothes back on, it was off to Starbucks to buy a last-minute gift certificate for my son's teacher, whose birthday I discovered was today after a bunch of her students (not mine) presented her with birthday gifts at the beginning of class.

Is there some support group I could join? Something to help me transition from having a needy, whining child begging for me to entertain them at all times to seemingly long stretches of time that turn out to be just long enough to realize the time doesn't stretch nearly far enough.

Man, I'm pathetic.

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Mel said...

Well, hmmm. I say, once everything's clean, you'll relax. Also, two and a half hours seems like a long time, but really, it's not. I remember when my boys started half-days kindergarten . . . I thought I'd have time, but as it turned out, not so much.