Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Teachers and Apples and Books, Oh My!

With all the women here in my chi-chi area putting their children in "preschool" by the time they could walk, I have faced immense pressure to put Mr. Personality in one as well. Even my mother was bugging me, and I retaliated with the fact that preschool ain't free, and if she wanted so badly for him to go, she was welcome to help us with the expense.

So last week, she offered.

Ok, well, granted it was a bit late as most of them are starting within a week or so, but the sentiment was much appreciated. And actually, I had already been looking into sending him this year, as he is driving me nuts needs the social interaction with other children.

But really, all the other moms around here have their offspring enrolled in private preschools that give children homework! At the age of three! Something in me just rebelled at the very thought. In my mind, he will have plenty of years of homework, does it really have to start so very young?

There is a preschool run by my city recreation program, but I was opposed since it has no outdoor area. The kids are just sort of stuck in this big room that is used for bingo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not exactly what I had in mind, although it did have the "cheap" factor going for it.

Then I remembered that someone had told me about Parent Participation Preschools, which are a network of schools in which the parents are actively welcomed and made part of the curriculum. I would be required to volunteer at the school two days a month, which doesn't sound all that bad.

This particular one has a large playground, with playhouses and slides and tricycles. And a student-tended garden which Mr. Personailty will sooooo love. They seem to push child-directed discovery over sitting them down at a table with worksheets. I don't want him to do academic things yet. Not that he is not capable, I just don't think it is important at this young age to push academics, although the State of California certainly disagrees with me.

After a very pleasant and prompt exchange of emails with the president of the school, we are being given a private tour next Tuesday, and can enroll him then if we wish.

I am nervous, happy, and excited at the same time.

You would think it was me going to school.

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