Monday, August 21, 2006

Next, World Domination...

Not too long ago, I totally stumbled upon a site called Metroblogging. It is blogging about a city and life in that city by people who live there. The interesting thing is, it's rather freeform. As long as you can tie your post somehow into your area, you are good to go. They have cities from Detroit to Karachi to Melbourne. It is an interesting concept, and I began exploring the site.

I noticed there was an Orange County Metroblog, and decided to apply and give it a whirl. They decided to take their chances with me, and allowed me into their world of secret handshakes and passwords. Well, actually it isn't all that secret, but I think it sounds kind of fun. So far, I am taking a sort of "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" type of philosophy. Uh, have to say not much of my stuff seems to be sticking, so I might have to change my approach.

The level of feedback is not too much, although I know for a fact there are almost a hundred people who subscribe to the feed. I'm the new kid on the block, and I think people are trying to figure out if I am truly a smart-ass, and if I am, then trying to figure out if I annoy them. I'm hoping to annoy the least amount of people.

Sadly, the position is not paid, although the top sites and authors get some cash prizes, which at least is something to strive toward. They did the old, "Well, maybe one day we can pay y'all" thing, but I'm guessing that day will be far off since there are over a hundred authors.

So if you are feeling charitable one day, go ahead and click on one of my posts listed on the sidebar there. Because you can just never have enough Gina, ya know?

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