Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just Call Me "Gina the Benevolent"

Today I was finally over my malaise, which I'm still not sure exactly what it was. Headache, body ache, just general tiredness. And no, I'm not pregnant. But, it was apparently not enough to keep me from the sale at Kohl's today, so I couldn't have been all that bad.

We had done with Kohl's and I made the decision to make a quick stop at Best Buy since we have been needing a new battery charger for our digicam for almost a year now.

As I was sitting minding my own business at at T-stop after our Best Buy visit, in which I was the only person with a stop sign, I hear brakes screeching. I whip my head around to see who is doing the screeching as I was busy trying to get an antibacterial wipe for Mr. Personality.

Suddenly, I see this car which is supposed to be turning right and yet somehow heading towards me. Right at me. Personally.

I have enough time to think of two things. One is, should I move my car up and try to avoid this person coming at me? This was nixed as I wasn't one hundred percent certain if there were any other cars coming from behind him or from another direction. Shooting out unprepared into an intersection always makes me nervous. Really, it should make any normal driver nervous. Besides, I was pretty sure just by eyeballing him that if I moved up, he would hit closer to Mr. Personality. The next thought was, oh shit.

So I am watching in slo-mo this guy complete a 360 turn, and at the very last part of the turn, his back bumper hits right by my door. Not a big crunch, but more of a tap, to be honest. My shoulders suddenly sag out of the huge hunch I had unconsciously formed in anticipation of the impact, and I ask Mr. Personality if he is ok. Affirmative.

I see the other driver pull up and over, so I make a quick U turn and follow suit. It is this really young guy, no more than 19 or so. He gets out of his car practically hyperventilating, and tells me his foot got stuck or some such story, and he is gushing with remorse. He moaned when I told him I needed to check again on my son in the back, and he said he felt horrible about what happened. I ask him if he is ok since he looks as if he is about to keel over, and he says, "I think I'm going to pass out."

I assured him everything was going to be all right, and began to survey my car for damage. Lo and behold, no damage! And believe me, I was looking for some. His car is a very bright yellow and mine is black, so any point of impact should have been crystal clear. Not even a spot of paint transfer, I can't even believe what I am seeing. Which is nothing, to be honest. To make everything even more surreal, my stereo was blasting "Wiggle Bay" which I had put on to make Mr. Personality more at ease while we did all the exchanging.

A police officer rolls up and checks everyone out. We both have valid licenses and insurance, so that part is good. The officer said he had heard the screeching and had come looking for the cause. He asks me if I want a report taken. I look at the kid, still hyperventilating a bit, and look back at my unscathed car. Technically, I am within my rights to ask for a report. The officer asks the kid if he was going too fast and that's why he spun upon trying to make the right hand turn, and he again repeats the story of the stuck foot. The officer said, "Your foot got stuck? Riiiiiiight."

Anyway, I decide that I am not going to ask for a report, nor am I even going to call my insurance. There is no need to put anything down on either of our records (even though it was in no way my fault) and I just didn't feel like hassling the whole thing for damage I apparently need to find with a microscope.

So besides the fact that I am a bit shaken by my life flashing before me as I watched him spin towards me, both Mr. Personality and I are fine. Actually, he is quite excited by the whole thing and tells anyone who will listen about the "spinning yellow car."

Here I thought my life wasn't exciting enough lately. And the most absolute pathetic part is that as I was driving home I was thinking, "I am so gonna blog about this."


sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Wow - thank goodness you weren't hurt!!! That is so lucky. That must have been terrifying. I think I'll use that excuse next time I'm speeding - "ummm - officer, my foot got stuck.."

wordgirl said...

I think I'd probably do what you did. Mr. P is okay and the car is okay and you're okay. So...he was really sorry and sounded sincere. If he'd been an ass, maybe things would be different. You've just made a deposit in the good karma bank, Gina.

Atasha said...

Phew, thank goodness everyone is okay although a bit shaken by this whole thing. I would have done the same. Wouldn't the insurance rates go up anyways even without damage? Not sure how that works.

Take Care!

Anvilcloud said...

It's good to have blog fodder, but there must be safer scenarios. ;)

Cherry said...

My heart rate went up just reading that. Thankfully everyone is safe and unharmed.

Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a great weekend!