Friday, August 25, 2006

At Least I Didn't Order a Coke

We went out to dinner the other night to one of our favorite restaurants. It is a large chain restaurant, and is reasonably priced and has a great children's menu for Mr. Personality. Besides, they give you free bread and I'm all over a place like that.

Anyhoo, I ordered water since I try not to drink caffeine after 5pm. My water is delivered, and for some unknown reason, I stop to look at the glass before lifting it to my parched lips.

There's something kind of black floating under the ice.

With my eyebrows practically touching my forehead, I pick up the glass and peer in for further inspection.

Well, hello Mr. Fly. So glad you could drop in.

I got to deliver a variation on the classic line to our waiter, who apologized yet tried to give me some crap story about how it must have just "flown into" the cup.

Dude, the fly was under the ice, it didn't just decide to take a nice refreshing dip. It had to have been in the glass prior to him putting the ice inside.

But, the mechanics of it were moot, and a fresh glass was delivered.

I waited for the manager to come by. Nope.

I waited for him to offer me perhaps a free dessert. Nope.

My friends, if a dead animal in your beverage does not warrant some sort of special treatment, then I don't know what does.

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Lexa Rosean said...

remember that fabulous scene in the movie Victor Victoria?! I guess those days are gone. But then again, maybe only roaches are worthy of royal treatment and not flies.