Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Apparently He's Not a Big Fan of Pepe LePeu

I try never to do this, but I laughed so hard that I had to share.

Mr. P: I think I want a pet dinosaur.

Me: Honey, there are no more dinosaurs.

Mr. P: Why?

Me: Well, they are all gone from the earth. When that happens, it means they are extinct.

Mr. P: Es-tinct?

Me: Ex-tinct.

Mr. P: Ex-tinct.

Me: Right.

Mr. P: Well, then I think we should trade the skunks for the dinosaurs.

Me: What do you mean? Why are you thinking about skunks?

Mr. P: The dinosaurs went away because the skunks made it all stinky and that's not very nice. So, the skunks should go away and the dinosaurs should come back.

Me: Laughing Ooooooh, you thought that the word extinct meant that it was stinky from skunks and the dinosaurs couldn't handle the smell? Laughing harder

Mr. P: It's NOT funny!

But it is my son, it is. It seems that every day he keeps adding new dimensions to himself, and I am in awe of this little guy and his development.

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