Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekend at Gina's

So, I am sure that many of you have heard of BlogHer, the mega convention going down in San Jose this weekend. I'm not even going to link it because I am just ornery, even though I am a member of the official Blogher site. Many blogging luminaries will be there, as well as some of the ladies that I know. Not that they aren't luminaries in their own right!

A special toast goes to Kvetch for her wonderful idea of giving shout-outs to our fellow bloggers who are not attending.

Actually, a while back, Mega Mom asked me if I was planning on going, and I was surprised. Well, not surprised that she asked me, but surprised because even though I knew about it, I hadn't even thought for a second about going. Until she asked.

And then, the possibilities began swirling around in my brain. I thought, ooooh, fellow bloggers! Ooooh, a weekend away from home! Ooooh, what if I have to room with someone and I keep them up all night because I am snoring or something? Or ooooh, what if people meet me and wonder who the hell I am and why have they never in their life heard of my blog? Or even worse, if by some miracle they had been to my blog, they were thinking that I looked much better in my profile picture and I should have held on to those yarn ribbons?

I've got no money, no babysitter as Hubba-hubba works on the weekend, and lastly, I have absolutely no clothes cute enough for Dooce to catch a glimpse of me in as I skulk in the back of the conference room. And buying new ones to go would simply exacerbate reason number one. Attending workshops clad in my frayed yoga pants (yet the irony is that I don't even do yoga!) and shirt with "Cabo San Lucas" across the front (and the irony is just killing me, as I've never been!)just didn't seem right, somehow. Although Dooce would surely take pity on me for my severely lacking wardrobe, that just isn't the way I would like to be remembered.

And I can't even console myself with the thought that they are all roasting in the heat over there, because I just checked the weather and it's only 75 degrees.

I might as well just go ahead and tattoo "LoseHer" on my forehed right now.

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Paige said...

This is so sad. boohoo
Admit it, you just didn't want to go, because you were afraid of the writers cramp you would get from signing so many autographs.
Happy weekend & please don't even say you lost those wonderful yarn ribbons.