Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fabulous Fours

So the heat is draining my brain of all creative and original thought. So of course, to the meme I go! My most recent sighting of this was at Hope's, and that's where I lifted it from.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

Library Clerk

Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Santa Rosa Jr. College I loved being a coach, and I miss it sometimes. I'm not sure there are many women coaches of boy's teams, however, so I just might have to put my skills on hold for a while.

Day Camp Counselor Seriously, the most fun job I have ever had. It paid well, I was ferried around to fun places every week while getting paid for it, made some great friends, and got to hang out with some pretty cool kids.

Survey Research Supervisor By far the most interesting job, although stressful. I was in charge of the collection of data for major surveys from clients such as the Department of Defense, the NIH, the National Cancer Institute, the FBI, and many more. My areas of expertise were health and government studies. From breast cancer to arthritis to Gulf War Vets, I dealt with it all, usually multiple studies running concurrently. Oh, the tales I could tell. But, they made me sign a confidentiality agreement. So I guess I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Four movies I would watch over and over:

Contact Why, I have no idea. It may be because Matthew McConaghey looks so hot and plays a fairly intelligent role. But it is science fiction and I love science fiction.

Lord of the Rings But just the first one. I loved them all, but the first one holds a bigger sway over me than the rest. Did I mention I was a big fantasy fan as well?

Monsters Inc. I say this because I have indeed watched this over and over as only the mother of a toddler can, and even though I now know every line by heart, it never fails to make me laugh. That says a lot about the dialogue and acting. Billy Crystal just nailed this role.

Braveheart Oddly enough, I don't like Mel with long hair, but I'll watch him anyway. Just a great epic all around, it's got everything and the kitchen sink.

Four places I have lived:

Los Angeles county (two different cities)

Orange County Where I live now

Rohnert Park, CA When I attended Sonoma State University for my ill-fated NoCal living experience.

Four TV shows I love/loved to watch:

Northern Exposure I didn't discover this show until I saw reruns of it on a second-tier network. I was charmed, and watched the whole thing in outrage, knowing already that it had been cancelled.

Arrested Development This show was the funniest.Show.Ever. I am bereft.



Four places I have been on vacation:

San Francisco- Where Hubba-hubba proposed in a tree atop a hill. Perfection!

Chicago- Probably after SF, my favorite. Loved the lake, the architecture, the vibe, everything.

New Orleans- We had a very typical "tourist" experience, but again, I loved the vibe there.

Maine- I loved the coast of Maine. Very different than here, I have some wonderful memories of that region.

Four websites I look at daily: For those of you who don't know, a "sigalert" is the term used here for a major traffic jam, this website is a realtime map of the freeways in SoCal.

LA Times The LA Times isn't that great, but it's better than the OC Register, so for local news I don't have much of a choice.

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lisa said...
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Paige said...

The missing job I believe is House-wife, maybe mother. Was this a test?
Happy Friday

wordgirl said...

I was a huge fan of "Northern Exposure". I never missed it, though Janine Turner's character annoyed me almost as much as her real life persona does now.