Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where Do I Live?

So Heather (go and check on her fabulosity!) put up a post and wanted her readers to consider it a meme, and I thought it was pretty cool. Here goes:

I live... in the land of abundant sunshine. Sometimes, too abundant.
I live... in the best state in the US, despite its flaws.
I live... in a place where "freeways" are clogged day and night.
I live... thirty minutes to stepping on the sand at the beach.
I live... forty five minutes from downtown Los Angeles.
I live... in a prosperous city that takes care of its residents.
I live... on a very steep hill.
I live... with a view for miles and miles out all my back windows.
I live... above a stream where frogs sing to me at night.
I live... cooexisting with coyotes and rabbits. Unfortunately for the rabbits.
I live... very close to my public library.
I live... on a quiet, private street.
I live... in a townhouse with no backyard for my son.
I live... often wishing he had a backyard. Hopefully soon.
I live... in a house painted soothing, beautiful colors inside.
I live... with the world's ugliest fireplace in my house.
I live... with many candles. Which I don't light often enough.
I live... with my planter which is finally graced with lavender and hydrangeas.
I live... with misters on the patio when it gets too hot.
I live... very close to a National Forest.
I live... in a place where I can look across a ravine and see the very rich.
I live... in a region where a decent house costs well over half a million dollars.
I live... two minutes away from the best little shopping center.
I live... within walking distance of our community pool.
I live... much too close to a really good bakery.
I live... surrounded by wonderful, authentic ethnic cuisine of all types.
I live... surrounded by ethnicities of all types.
I live... close to all of my family.
I live... not far away enough from Hubba-hubba's family.
I live... with the least amount of things possible, in order to stay at home.
I live... with a body that has disappointed me with its problems.
I live... with the most amazing man ever.
I live... wondering what I did to deserve such a wonderful son.
I live... to help my son be the best person he can be.
I live... with the fact that I am a flawed human being.
I live... to try and be a better one.

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