Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What Not To Do At Disneyland

So all of these transgressions were witnessed by yours truly at Disneyland today.

Take this advice from a person who has visited Disneyland multiple times a year practically every year of her life.

When visiting Disneyland, you should not:

-Wear high heels and a dress. I don't care how hot you want to look for your date, it is a bad, bad, idea. And if this was a last minute decision, it was an extremely poor one.

-Bring one of those huge mega strollers, including the jogging strollers. You are just going to have a hard time getting around, not to mention making people mad when you plow them down with it in a crowd. You will have to stand in the longest lines for the tram, and be forced to ride the elevator in the parking garage since you don't have the capability to fold it. I know they have the roomiest storage bags, but you'll have to do without. Suck it up and buy a good umbrella stroller.

-Smoke in an area that is not designated especially for smoking. I mean, there are a billion kids around and you can't control your urge for the ten minutes it will take to get you to one?

-Bring a huge water cooler and carry it around with you all day. I'm serious, I saw this guy in line for a ride with a huge Coleman thing he was apparently carting around all day. Yes, water is essential. But, they do have drinking fountains that you can refill a small bottle from if you need to have it handy on a moment's notice.

-Put your child on a leash. I am iffy on these devices as it is, but in the big summer crowds, it is a bad idea. I watched as one unsuspecting teenager was clotheslined by an inattentive mother who allowed her offspring to wander off as far as the leash would take her. That poor girl had absolutely nowhere to go.

-Wear flip-flops. People, there is a lot of walking, and unless your feet are cool with walking and standing all day, it just isn't a smart move. Even in the summer. Support, think support!

-And speaking of support, do not go braless. It just doesn't look good in a family-oriented place. I don't care how small you are. Everybody can still tell.

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Atasha said...

That first and last one is pretty funny. I've taken my kids to just the regular park and see some moms in some "bad choice" outfits. I mean you're at the park with your kid, you'll most likely have to chase them or bend down, maybe even climb the structure. High heels & micro minis make these simple tasks extremely hard.