Sunday, June 11, 2006

Products That Have Profoundly Changed My Life

So, do you think somewhere there is an advertiser positively giddy at the thought that the above title could actually be true? I suppose there are indeed products that would profoundly change your life, things such as a wheelchair or glasses. But I am couching this post in terms of things you can just stroll through the aisles and buy, strictly consumerism at its finest and most appealing. While they haven't necessarily changed my life, they have managed to make it a bit better.

These are things I had to find the hard way. Things nobody told me about and I had to spend months, if not years, discovering their existence. And so my friends, I wish to spare you that small bit of pain. I have decided declassify my favorite things.

Amlactin- You would think lotion is just lotion, right? That's what I thought until Costco (thank you, dearest Costco!) had a bottle of it on sale with a coupon no less, that for some odd reason decided to purchase. Put this stuff on your gnarly heels and watch them go smooth in no time flat. Rough elbows? A mere memory. This product has been around for a very long time, I am pissed I only found it a few months ago. But at least it was in time for summer....

Intuition razor- A little on the pricey side for me, but in exchange I get to save oodles of time, and that is a trade-off I am willing to make. No need for extra shaving creams, or needing to use the dreaded soap to glide this puppy along your legs. The built in stuff (don't you love my scientific term?) enables you to simply put razor to leg and just like that, you are done!

Cordless sweeper vac- When we first moved in, I had the antiquated notion that I had to sweep with a broom and dustpan every day to keep the floor clean. I bought a fancy-schmancy combo that still made my back ache every time I used it because it was so small in size. Now at 5'8" I am no Amazon, so I thought it was a bit ridiculous. Usher in the era of the cordless sweeper vac! Doesn't quite fit into corners the way I would prefer, but for the daily stuff, it works. And, as an added bonus, it is a bit "whiny" and loud, so I get to scare the crap out of my family when I turn it on without warning! The fun never ends here!

Method cleaners- As far as my limited knowledge goes, you can find them only at Target. I love you guys, but not enough to do more to validate that claim. Not only are these cleaners good for the environment, at least as good as cleaners can be for the environment, they work. My favorites are the leather wipes and the French Lavender floor cleaner.

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm- Yes, they were audacious enough to name it that. It comes in one of those Blistex-type tubes that I will forgive since the balm itself is so luxurious. Soft, but not greasy. More fluid than Chapstick, it glides on much more easily.

Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser- It used to be this brand's foaming facial wash until they stopped making it and replaced it with this. It is not even necessarily designed for people with my type of skin, it is so good it works for all skin types. I have always had very sensitive skin prone to breaking out, especially during PMS. Even the wrong hair products can make my skin break out. I searched many years for the right cleanser, from Chanel to Cetaphil. Some were tolerable, but none won a permanent place in my heart. Along came Alpha Hydrox, and I can mosey on down to the drugstore and buy it instead of schlepping to the mall. Double score!

Now, it is your turn to share! Don't hoard your products like the name of a good babysitter, allow everyone to bask in your findings!


sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

I am a fanatic about hand lotion - always have to put some on after washing my hands (which I do all day long)...I love the "look ma, new hands" lotions from Bath and Body - it has paraffin in it so it glides on, but doesn't feel greasy. I love it!

Atasha said...

This is a great post. I absolutely love Bath and Bodyworks. I have used the C.O. Bigelow Lip Formula SPF15 but unfortunately had the worst allergic reaction in about 5 minutes after it was applied. I think they have almond oil and something else in there that didn't not agree with my lips :-) Instead I tried the Mentha Lip Shine. I love the minty feel. Their tutti dolci Lip Gloss is good too.

For Hands I too am a "Look Ma New Hands" fan. I use the same line with the Shea butter for my feet. It's great but could be a little less greasy.

My little secret, Aromatherapy Body Lotion Jasmine Vanilla - both kids were conceived when I wore this. It drives men nuts. Well atleast my husband.

Cleaning - for the coffee stains that my husband leaves on the kitchen counter everyday I use Tilex. Doesn't matter if you have tile or not. It stinks but it gets the stain out.

Tub Cleaning - Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner. Must leave it for about 10 minutes then just wipe it off. You will be amazed at how brand new your tub looks. Same for the bathroom sink and toilet.

For the face, you won't believe it but St Ives works, for me atleast. Apricot Radiance Age-Defying Cream Cleanser. I've also used the Apricot Scrub with Salicylic acid but prefer the Radiance.