Monday, June 12, 2006

Next Time, I Think It'll Be From Mars

So one of Mr. Personality's big things at the moment is to ask me, "Where did you get that?" He will ask me this question about anything I happen to be using/cooking/cleaning etc...

In the first few days of this phase, I tried to have a very faithful recollection of where that thing came from. The watermelon came from Vons. The towels came from Costco. The lotion came from Target.

Although this questioning is perfectly harmless, being asked the origin of everything in the house began to get a bit boring, since it seemed like I was constantly repeating myself. I mean, I only shop at so many stores these days.

The other day as he was taking a bath, he asked me, "Where did this come from?" referring to his toy pirate ship.

I paused for a moment, trying to recollect exactly where I had gotten it. Then, something in me snapped a bit. I leaned forward and in my most patient voice said:

"Honey, that particular pirate ship was shippped over on a big boat from the Australian Outback."

Hey, whatever it takes to keep my sanity.

And I figure he gets some geography lessons at the same time.

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