Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's the Only Way To Live, In Cars*

So since our eleven year old Honda Accord is reaching 184,000 miles, we have been thinking about the day it is going to finally die. Which will probably be sooner rather than later. But, I think that it has performed beyond the capacity expected of a car, with only a very few things giving out in its old age. I have never owned any car other than a Honda since I have held a driver's license, and I happen to think they are one of the best makes out there. Boring, but the best.

And there lies the rub.

I was reading this article about the Kia Sedona, a minivan. And in it, the author refers to one Amy Bowman, a 32 year old mom-to-be who has foolishly sworn that she will not buy a minivan because of "the image thing."

Hello, are we still in high school?

A car is a machine that takes you to and from. It should be reliable and relatively comfortable.

Anything else, and you have entered the realm of keeping up with the Joneses, which is never a good idea. Some Jones, somewhere, will have something better than you. It's a guarantee.

Anyhow, once you become a mother, you are never as cool as you were pre-child. It's just impossible to be as cool as someone with no cranky baby and lots of disposable income. So when you pull up in your Escalade or whatever, you look cool until you open the back doors and struggle with the stroller. I have never once seen anyone look anywhere close to cool unloading a stroller and diaper bag. If you have, let me know.

I know it is tempting to see a car, since many of us spend so much time in it, as an extension of ourselves. A way to let the world know where you stand in life. But really, a car is not a great investment. There is no other investment that loses almost half its value less than 15 minutes after you sign on the dotted line and commence driving on city streets.

And hey, it's a free country, right? I mean, who cares about the world supply of oil when you have total strangers on the freeway, who you will never see again, to impress?

But, since it is a free country, if you have the right to buy a Hummer, then I have the right to think you're a fool.

*I couldn't resist using song lyrics.


Atasha said...

I gave up trying to get the link to work. Hey I was guilty of the whole minivan appearance. Luckily they look much nicer as they did years ago. My husband bought me one on Memorial Day and I love the thing. talk about space and convenience. The Hondas are good. That's quite a long time to have a car! But as we know they will run forever. Well almost!

Sue said...

Eleven years is old for a car?? Wow ... we bought ours when it was ten years old, and it's now about 18. Only now are we considering having something newer (ie about 8 or 9 years old...) so the current one can be used just for around town, and for our sons to learn to drive. When ours was 11 we drove it right the way through Europe to the UK, and then back to Cyprus a month later. We considered it still in the prime of its life.

But I do agree that cars don't need anything other than reliability and comfort. Oh, and plenty of room for luggage/equipment/furniture/whatever in the back. And easy maintenance that isn't going to cost the earth. But cool? For a car?? Nope... I can't see it.