Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Can't Be the Only One. Can I?

So I have yet another deep, dark, secret to share.

I have a crush on Taylor Hicks.

Why? I have no idea.

Some times I get the weirdest little crushes on men for no discernible reason. There are always the acknowledged hotties, and then there are guys like Taylor who fall into the "Hmmmmm" category. I just like to think of myself as an equal opportunity crusher.

All I know is that I was half-heartedly watching the beginnings of the Idol season, and the only preliminary round episodes I watched seemed to be women. I never saw any of the men until the twelve finalists.

And then I saw Taylor. And I started to smile.

His joy of performance is genuine, and is infectious. Say what you will about crazy dance moves, he is being taken by the music. I know because I have been known to do the same thing, and God knows if it looks good or not, but it sure is fun. And he really has a great smile. Odd for me to like a Southern boy, but there it is.

So, I will also confess to voting for Taylor, the first time I have ever been compelled during any season of Idol to actually pick up the phone and call. I even called until midnight on Tuesday, terrified that Simon had jinxed him by calling him the winner.

Ok, so I think I'll head on over and just get the big "L" tatooed to my forehead right now.

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