Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Fatigue

So here it is, Friday night, and I am wondering why I wrote such a heavy post yesterday. No more heavy! It's the weekend, and heaviness is henceforth banned until further notice!

I am stealing this from Suzanne, even though (sniff, sniff) she didn't tag me. I'll get over it. Some day. Maybe.

I AM wondering why I just ate those cookies.
I WANT more, but I can't have any.
I WISH global warming was a complete bunch of crap.
I HATE motorcyles. Is there anything good about motorcycles?
I MISS the mortgage-free days.
I FEAR global warming isn't a complete bunch of crap.
I HEAR frogs right now. I love hearing the frogs.
I WONDER when my endocrinologist is gonna get my dosage right.
I REGRET the years I lost to hypothyroidism and not knowing what was wrong.
I AM NOT the most humble person around.
I DANCE shakin' my thang. Well, probably with too many thangs shakin'.
I SING loudly and at every opportunity.
I CRY at cheesy commercials when I am PMS'ing. Even radio commercials.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS awesome baked goods.
I WRITE because it makes me feel better.
I CONFUSE no one. I am very clear. And humble.
I NEED my family.
I SHOULD be more ambitious.
I START things with big intentions.
I FINISH wondering, "What the hell was that?"
I'M GLAD somebody loves me.

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Granny said...

Your Suzanne just barely shows up against the background.

I've been tempted to tackle this one and just haven't gotten around to it.