Thursday, May 25, 2006

Five Things, You Can Now Go About Your Day

So I was tagged a while ago by current leaderboard leader Hope for this meme. It took me a bit, but here are:

Five Things

In my car:

-Windbreakers for all three of us, you never know.
-Crumbs and more crumbs in the backseat, I made the mistake of handing Mr. Personality some Strawberry Newtons the other day.
-Bottles of water.
-About 100 CD's- we have a 6 disc changer.
-A tin of lip balm that has melted and re-formed probably a dozen times.

In my purse:

-A rather dessicated largeish bag of M&M's (chocolate) that a restaurant gave Mr. Personality as part of his dessert, and I just don't have the heart to throw it away, because the thought we might get stranded somewhere and need them to keep us alive is always hovering in the back of my mind. I know I will be tempting fate if I take them out.
-The outside pocket that is supposed to hold a cell instead holds several small Happy Meal toys, including the Black Power Ranger.
-A tube of some of the crappiest mascara I have ever bought, from Nars. You've been warned.
-A tube of the best mascara I have ever bought, from Lorac. You've been advised.
-Tons of old receipts, Vons, Target, Kohls, Sephora, Best Buy, Costco, the list goes on and on... I have a thing for receipts.

In my closet:

-My wedding dress and veil, hanging in its original opaque zipper bag. I have not cleaned it yet, and I suppose if I haven't by now, it isn't going to happen.
-Two sets of molecular steam rollers, which are the only things that can get my hair to stay curled. I use them approximately twice a year
- An eight pack of 3M Lint Rollers
-A set of Renaissance Tarot Cards I bought in college.
-A Wiggles light-stick toy. We have some built-ins, and Mr. Personality likes to sit on the lower shelves and close the door, using the light stick. If I could fit in there, I probably would too.

In my fridge:

-Trader Joe's Yogurt.
-3 Quarts Organic Milk from Costco.
-A block of cheddar cheese.
-A pound of hand-sliced German bologna.
-A bottle of wine that is five years old. I know, I know. But it's on its side, does that count?

In my head:

-Trying to wrap around last night's finale of Lost. And not really getting very far.
-Thinking of all the things we need to do before we are tented for termites in two weeks. Not all that fun, people.
-Planning a shopping trip tomorrow for groceries and some clothes for Mr. P. He needs comfortable summer shirts, so to Old Navy we will go.
-Wondering what Hubba-hubba is doing right now at work. I always wonder what he is doing at work.
-Thinking of the next possible Trivia question.

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Granny said...

I'll get around to this one of these days. Good answers.