Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Adventures in Bathrooms

So I never thought I would think that having Mr. Personality being potty trained would be waaay more difficult than when he was in Pull-Ups. There, I bet that's the first time you've heard that one.

Don't get me wrong. I think it is fantastic that he is finally potty-trained for both functions. He had been trained in number 2 far longer than number 1. It was actually his decision to do the number 2, and I am highly grateful to have so many months of poop-free diapers. Which is the opposite of the majority of children, but mine is determined to forge his own path in life. I really could have cared less about changing a few Pull-Ups a day or so, which I did for a very long time. As a consequence, I never really pushed him to be fully trained for eiher function, and it has worked out with no fuss or fighting. And very little bribing. Really.

But now it seems that my son has a hankering to visit every foreign bathroom in the known universe. For whatever reason, if we are out, he MUST go pee-pee NOW. He knows of course, that any parent is totally incapable of denying their child a visit to the restroom. Rest assured he uses that to his full advantage.

Of course, when this urge occurs, we are always diametrically opposite the bathrooms with a cart full of things, but I digress. There is nothing quite like the panic in a mother's eyes as she races across the store when she thinks her child is about to pee his pants. At least, my eyes anyway. I am also sure that the panicky look, coupled with my shuffling quickstep, ensures a fairly amusing sight to people without a preschooler in tow. Hey, maybe even them too.

Mr. Personality has a billion and one toys, but nothing entrances him quite as much as those automatic faucets. Also high on the list but a little harder to navigate are the automatic paper towel holders. He always waits too long and lets too much come out. Well, now that I think about it, that is probably no accident. I don't know how many times he has told me he wishes our own toilet would flush itself, just like the ones at the restaurants. He is interested in the different types of door locks, from circle shaped ones to the swingy ones. Foamy handsoap versus lotion-type? He just has to see for himself which one he will encounter. And the final joy? Throwing the used paper towel into the trashcan, for both of us. Luckily, he very rarely misses with his hook shot.

I think planning our vacations with him is going to be really easy. I just need to make sure they have lots of different bathrooms, and we'll be set.


Liz said...

You take me back quite a few years.

Of course there were no automatic paper towel dispensers even 10 years ago. And my youngest would freak out at the automatic toilet flushing. She really thought she would be sucked in if she didn't get off fast enough.

Granny said...

The girls never met a public bathroom they didn't like. They hit the "john" everyplace we go even when I know they don't have to.

All mine were "poop" trained first. I thought that was the normal thing.

chichimama said...

The fascination with public bathrooms wears off, eventually. Now C will noly poop at home, and we frequently have to leave places with him holding his tushie screaming "Poop, don't come yet!"

Congrats on the easy training!

Heather said...

Ah yes, I remember the frequent bathroom visits. We were at the circus once, and Maddie had to go ever 10 minutes or so, and after the third time, I told her to wait for intermission. Big mistake, BIG mistake. Fortunately, I had an extra pair of pants with me, though I'm not sure all the surrounding patrons wanted to see her bare bum. :-)

Suzanne said...

A trip out of the house guarantees a trip to a gross, disgusting public bathroom. Where the kids touch every single gross, disgusting surface. Repeatedly, and despite my exhortations not to.

In one memorable trip to the grocery store, when Sean was still in the training phase, we visited the bathroom no fewer than four times. Each visit lasted about 10 minutes, and nothing transpired for three of them (not kidding!) Finally, at the fourth visit, he peed. I never want to enter that particular bathroom again.

Piece of Work said...

Isaac loves the public bathroom, too--although I've been known to deny him the opportunity, if I feel like he doesn't really need to go. He was "pee" trained for a LONG time before poop, so I know he can hold it. Oh, and I'm very jealous--MUCH preferable to have a child Poop trained first!

J said...

I'm in agreement...you and Granny are lucky to have poop come first!

Ted has a cousin, who was obsessed with toilets when he was young. Not just public ones, either. If you went to his house for dinner, the conversation with him would be,"How many toilets do you have in your house? Oh, two? How lovely. (They're british) What color are they? Both white? Not yellow? Not green? Too bad." Very funny. :)

Mega Mom said...

After our move last year, my then 3 year old used to pee 6x per hour.

My 2 1/2 year old was fully trained except for the poop. Now he has regressed. He finally pooped in the potty, so I put him back in underwear. It only took him 1 day to poop in them!!! Ugh!

Dan said...

My sister had to visit every bathroom until my mother peeked in to see that she was splashing her feet in the toilet.

wordgirl said...

I remember those days. When our sons became "too old" to be trotted into the women's restrooms and I, as a woman, could not take them into the men's room...it was Mr. Half's turn. And I got a much-deserved rest.